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Hotel / Apartment Yes
Duration Departure Point Pick up Time Pick up & Drop off
Hotel / Apartment Yes
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Package Details : 2 Nights 3 days 4 Star Package

2 Nights 3 days 4 Star Package


AED 1500 AED 1500 Per Person
2 Nights 3 days 4 Star Package ( 2 Nights - 3 Days )

2 Nights 3 days 4 Star Package

1 Package Inclusions ( 4 Activities with Hotel Pick & Drop and Breakfast)

Package Inclusions

  • 2 Nights - 3 Days Accommodation In Standard Hotel
  • Daily Break Fast + Wifi + All Tax Included
  • Airport Transfer Both way's
  • Evening Desert Safari
  • Morning Desert Safari
  • Family Desert Safari Dubai
  • Private Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Package Exclusions

  • International Airfare
  • Tourist Visa
  • Airport Departure Taxes/ Excess Baggage Charges
  • Lunch/Dinner in Dubai
  • Medical Evacuation or Treatment in case of emergency
  • Personal belongings and clothing
  • Tips and any other personal expenses of personal nature
  • Soft and Hard Drinks

2 Package Itinerary
Evening Desert Safari
Pick up will be
03:00 pm to 03:30 pm
Morning Desert Safari
Pick up will be
07:30 am to 08:00 am
Family Desert Safari Dubai
Pick up will be
03:00 pm to 03:30 pm
Private Evening Desert Safari Dubai
Pick up will be
2:30 to 3:00 PM

3 Suggestions

Public Transportation

Transport in Dubai is controlled and run by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), an agency of the government of Dubai. The bus system services 140 routes and taxi services licensed under RTA are easily accessible and identified by the color and roof. Dubai has two well developed international airports, Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport; these airports are the busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic handling. The Metro Rail consists of two lines, Red and Green Line which run through the major financial and residential areas of the city. Dubai Metro is the best option to travel around Dubai which is connected to major tourist attractions, airports and places of city.

Medical Service and Health Care

Dubai boasts numerous public and private hospitals and healthcare centre which are well equipped with modern technologies and standards. The first public hospital in Dubai was built in the late 1950 AD and now there are varied public and private hospitals, healthcare centers and medical clinics throughout the towns in Dubai.


Dubai is also known as the shopping capital of the Middle East, exceptionally Dubai boasts more than 70 shopping centers, including Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the world. Numerous numbers of boutiques and jewellery stores are found in the city and also known as the City of Gold. The major gold market of Dubai situated in Deira comprises over 250 retail gold shops.


Except few months during summer, Dubai has very comfortable weather to visit for holiday, vacation or family visit. The maximum number of tourists visited Dubai is during the winter due to the pleasant and comfortable weather.


The celebrations in Dubai consists singing and dancing activity, Yowalah is the traditional dance of the United Arab Emirates where young girls dance by swinging their long black hair and swaying their bodies in time to the strong beat of the music. Men present battles fought or successful hunting expeditions symbolically using sticks, sword or rifles. Nowadays Hollywood and Bollywood movies are quite popular in Dubai and since 2004; the city has hosted Dubai International Film Festival. The top musicians, singers and actors including Aerosmith, Santana, Rick Ross, Elton John, Shakira, Celine Dion, Cold Play, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bibber and Selena Gomez from around the globe have performed their live shows and concerts in Dubai.

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